Top 5 Erogenous Zones on a Woman

The erogenous zone is the area of our body that when touched or stimulated may result in sexual arousal. This area is hyper sensitive to the touch and feel. Compared to men, which erogenous zones only include the penis, testicles and anus, erogenous zones on women are plenty.  

Here are the most common erogenous zones on a woman:

1. Vagina

Inside the vagina, there lie 2 erogenous zones: clitoris and the elusive G-spot. The clitoris is easy to spot. It is located within the front wall of the vagina.  And it is easy to stimulate. A man can touch or stroke it with his finger or tongue and it will produce an electric sensation on the woman.  

On the other hand, the G-spot is hard to locate, thus hard to stimulate. Some men say, esp. those who failed to find it, it doesn’t exist. While others who claimed they have found it say that it exists, and that it is the ultimate and most sensitive among the erogenous zones on women.

2. Breasts and nipples

One of the most sensitive erogenous zones on a woman is the breasts. Because women’s breasts are surrounded with a network of nerve endings, making it easy for a man to stimulate them. The smaller the breasts are, the sensitive they are. Thus, bigger breasts need more stimulation. The man should fondle the breasts more if they are bigger to sufficiently stimulate them.

The nipples are the center of stimulation in the breasts. The areolas contain sensitive nerve endings that when the nipples are sucked or licked, women produce a surge of oxytocin and prolactin in their bodies that have a stimulating effect on their vaginas.

3. Lips

Lips alone are not that sensitive to begin with. They are the least sensitive among the erogenous zones on a woman. But if a man knows how to use it, it can arouse the woman he is kissing. Hecan use his lips to suck her tongue or bite her lips. One perfect example of this is French kissing. The lip and tongue action will elicit enough sensations to sexually stimulate the woman.

4. Abdomen and navel

The abdomen is one of the many erogenous zones on women. But not all women have sensitive abdomens. But for those whose abdomen is an erogenous zone, the abdomen is like the extension of the vagina. And the navel is its center of stimulation. It is one of many erogenous zones on awoman that has heightened sensitivity. So, if a man sticks his finger in the woman’s navel, it is possible that a nerve in the center of her body may shoot up through her spine.

5. Buttocks

If you ask which part of their bodies are the most sensitive among the erogenous zones on a womanonly few women would include the buttocks. Even today, women are still shy in admitting that they can derive pleasure from being spanked or fondled or licked on their butts.Most womewould not admit in public that their buttocks are part of the erogenous zones on women.

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