Women’s Erogenous Zones: Hitting the Elusive G-Spot

The G-spot or Gräfenberg Spot is the most elusive of all female erogenous zones. The G-spot is commonly described as having a bean shape, and it can be found one to three inches into the vagina at the side of the urethra and the urinary bladder. It is also considered as part of the so-called female prostate.

This description is based on the studies of those who claimed have found the location of the G-spot. They have used ultrasounds and other scanning devices to pinpoint its exact location. This claim is also supported by other women who said that the G-spot is the mother of all femaleerogenous zones, and that they have personal evidence to prove its existence.

G-spot Debate: To Hit or not to Hit

But until now, the debate over the existence and location of this elusive of all women’serogenous zones is still going on. And this unending argument puts the man in a predicament. For if his partner believes in the existence of the G-spot and on his quest he can’t find it, he will be deemed sexually inefficient. While some men associate the G-spot to the clitoris, and in their hopes of giving their partners sexual orgasms, they try to stimulate and treat the clitoris as though it is the G-spot–the gateway to women’s sexual bliss.

Can you enhance women’s erogenous zones surgically?

If some men are judged sexually inept when they fail to locate and hit the G-spot, some women in other cases, feel that they are dysfunctional if they can’t experience the pleasure given by the G-spot. They feel that they are defined sexually by the different female erogenous zones that they have. So, if one of them is not giving them pleasure, they feel sexually incomplete.

And to fill this void, some women will go as far as undergoing plastic surgery to fix a problem that they believe they have. The surgery which is called G-spot amplification is believed to enhance the sensitivity of the G-spot. But other medical practitioners don’t subscribe to this. Because according to them, women’s erogenous zones can’t be enhanced by any surgical procedure.

Some women are less extreme and they turn to sex toys to satisfy their sexual needs and fantasies. And one of the most popular sex toys out there is the vibrator.   Aside from the G-spot, the vibrator can also stimulate other female erogenous zones like the clitoris and the abdomen and the navel. The vibration it produces can give electric and erotic sensations to women.

Sex toys are so effective in stimulating female erogenous zones that some women become dependent on them. They substitute the real thing with the toy, because they believe that the toys can satisfy them more than the penis. They believe that the toys give them control on how they want to stimulate their erogenous zones. And this gives them the freedom to explore their sexuality more and increase their sexual pleasures.

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