6 Overlooked Female Erogenous Zones

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Both women and men are only aware of the most common female erogenous zones like the vagina, buttocks, breasts, navel and the lips. They don’t know that there are other women’s erogenous zones present on women’s bodies.

They only know one type of the women’s erogenous zones, which is the specific zones. They are overlooking the other type which is the nonspecific zones. In the nonspecific zones, the skin surrounding the area is similar to normal-haired skin that has the normal high concentration of nerves and follicles. And this makes the nonspecific zones very sensitive to the touch. An exaggerated tickle or massage can arouse and stimulate these areas.

Knowledge of all the female erogenous zones will further give pleasure to women and men will become more educated and adept on the subject of women’s erogenous zones.

Here are the other female erogenous zones that are waiting to be explored and stimulated.

1.  The scalp

It is very easy to stimulate the scalp because it is filled with thousands of nerve endings at the end of the hair follicles, making it very sensitive to the touch. And once stimulated, the circulation of the blood flow in the head can be increased, giving the woman a heady feeling.

There are two ways of arousal through the scalp. One is to gently massage or rub the scalp. And for women who have less sensitive scalp, hair pulling will do the trick.

2. The mons

This unfamiliar term is the area above the genitals where pubic hair grows. This is also verysensitive because of the nerve endings of the hair follicles. You can stimulate the mons by caressing the pubic hairs on it or by kissing it.

3. Back of the neck

It is common knowledge that the neck is part of women’s erogenous zones.  This explains the hickeys after a hot make out session. On some women, the back of the neck has the same sensitivity as the front part of it. Kissing or biting the back of the neck can also be stimulating for some women.

4.  The feet

This may gross out others, but licking and sucking the toes can send shivers to the spine of a woman. This is now common as people are becoming less shy about their foot fetishes.  

5. Behind the knees

Of all the female erogenous zones, this area receives the less attention in foreplay because it’s hard to reach. And because this is a ticklish area, you can’t touch it or kiss it without sending the women into a giggling frenzy. But if given a chance, the back of the knees can prove its worth in giving pleasure to women.

6. Ears

For sanitary reasons, the ears are overlooked in foreplay even though they are one of the most sensitive among women’s erogenous zones. Some men don’t like the idea of kissing them for fear of having ear wax on their lips. But as long as the ears are clean, kissing and licking the ears can arouse women in ways men won’t understand.

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