Achieving the “Big O”: How to Stimluate the Female Erogenous Zones

According to a study, only few of the female population consistently experience the “Big O”. It’s really hard for the women and their sexual partners to reach sexual bliss at the same time. And this is partly due to the fact that men don’t know how to stimulate the many erogenous zones on a woman. And women on the other hand, are not that familiar with their bodies. So, both sex need to be “in the zone” to arrive simultaneously at their sexual destinations.

Most people think that sexual congress is that easy. Well, the act is easy, but achieving the goal of the copulation on the female part, which is orgasm, is a little complicated. Well, if a guy doesn’t care for the sexual well-being of his partner and if he thinks sex is a one-way street, then sex is basically a non-issue for him. But if a man loves and cares for his sexual partner, then he will take into consideration her sexual pleasure and will learn how to stimulate the manyerogenous zones on a woman.

Here are ways on how to stimulate and familiarize yourself with the erogenous zones onwomen:

1. Get to know your own body

Women’s bodies are not created equal. So does erogenous zones on women. What is stimulating to one may not be the case to the others.

So it’s better if you, as a woman, know the uniqueness of your own body.  Explore it and you will be surprised on what you will discover.

You see, most women are not even sure which parts of their anatomy can give them sexual pleasure.  Sexual exploration and experimentation is needed to discover the erogenous zones on a woman.

2. Get to know your sexual partner’s body

If you are a woman, you should also need to familiarize yourself with the body of your sexual partner. His body and his own erogenous zones are different from yours. So you need to know how to stimulate them, because his response to your stimulation can also stimulate you as well. So together, you and your partner should explore your bodies together until you both become familiar with them.

3. Pace your stimulation

If you are a man, you need to alternate your sexual stimulation on the different erogenous zones on a woman. To achieve maximum sexual pleasure, you need to pace your stimulation. Take your time, don’t rush it. Sexual stimulation is a slow process. The skin needs time to regain its sensitivity to become receptive again. So, advice to mentouch or lick the different erogenous zones on women slowly and gently.

4. Be in the moment

To achieve sexual bliss, you need to be “in the moment.” Do some foreplay. Don’t rush to reach orgasm quickly. If you are man, take your time. Explore the various erogenous zones on a woman. And for the woman, be receptive. Your reactions can stimulate your partner. And if he’s not familiar with the erogenous zones on women, teach him, guide him. Be “in the moment” together, and you will both achieve sexual bliss together.

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