The Female Ergenous Zones & Achieving Orgasm

Orgasm is the ultimate goal of the many erogenous zones on women. By properly stimulating these sensitive parts of a woman’s body, the woman can experience sexual arousal that can lead to orgasm. So, a man needs to coax the erogenous zones on a woman before he can bring her to climax and feel sexual bliss.

How does orgasm work?

The inexplicable warm rush a woman feels during foreplay, when the erogenous zones on a woman are being stimulated, is the result of the blood shooting up her vagina and clitoris. This rush of blood into her nerves sends shivers and electric tingling all over her body. And in response to this, the vagina will secrete lucrative beads. And the flow of the beads is dependenton the intensity of the arousal derived from kissing or touching the various erogenous zones on women.

And as the beads continue to flow, the woman can become more turned on, making her breathe faster and heavier as the heart rate increases. And the other erogenous zones on a woman will also become aroused and stimulated. The nipples become erect and the lower part of the vagina becomes narrow to tightly grip the thrust of the penis.

And if this sexual momentum is sustained by the man, the rest of the erogenous zones on women like the genitals, buttocks, thighs and pelvis will contract simultaneously and in one swift motion, the body will climatically release them all at once, creating a wave of tingling and warm feeling for the woman. This will send the woman writhing and moaning until her burning body subsides and relaxes.

The achievement of the “Big O” largely depends on the proper stimulation and arousal of the different erogenous zones on women. So before diving into the intercourse proper, the man should do some foreplay first to excite the woman and prepare the erogenous zones on a woman. This will lubricate her vagina well, making the penetration more pleasurable to her. And by massaging the clitoris at the same time, the man can send the woman into a climactic sexual pleasure.

Kinds of Orgasm

There are two kinds of orgasm, the clitoric orgasm and the vaginal orgasm.  

The clitoric orgasm can be achieved by stimulating the clitoris of the vagina. The clitoris is like a round, hard button that hangs on the top of the vulva. The structure of the clitoris has erectile tissues similar to that of the penis. And this quality makes it very receptive to the touch, making it one of the most sensitive among the erogenous zones on a woman. Thus, it can be easily stimulated to provide sexual pleasure to women.

The vaginal orgasm on the other hand can be achieved through sexual penetration or intercourse. This is believed to be the outcome if a man successfully hit the G-spot. Whether the G-spot is stimulated or not, a woman would still experience vaginal orgasm if she is aroused by the sexual penetration. 

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