The G-Spot: The Mother of All Erogenous Zones

The female G-spot is the Holy Grail of women’s sexual pleasure. This is the mother of all female erogenous zones. This is the most elusive and controversial of all women’s erogenous zones. Its existence and location is still under contention until today. But for women who believe in the presence of the G-spot in their vaginas, they consider it as the gateway to their sexualitiesOnce stimulated and aroused, it will open the floodgates of sexual bliss, releasing a wave of tremendous sexual pleasure.

And this belief on the female G-spot is another predicament that men have to endure. For some men, finding the clitoris is difficult enough without having to add another elusive erogenous zone in the mix.

But unfortunately, this is the reality that most men have to face in their sexual life. Female erogenous zones are inherently hard to find and stimulate. They need to explore them and master them.

How to Master and Stimulate the G-spot

So if the woman fervently believes in the existence of her G-spot, then it’s up to the man to find it. He needs to look for it and stimulate it to justify her sexuality.  

Here are some ways on how to master the art of G-spot stimulation:

1. Do some research first

Before you embark on your sexual quest, you need to equip yourself with the right information and knowledge. You need to know the terrain first before you can successfully conquer it. So, study the female sexual organ. View some pictures to help you visualize it. And according to some studies, the G-spot is believed to be bean-shaped and is located one to three inches into the vagina at the side of the urethra and the urinary bladder.

2. Easy to find when wet

Unlike other female erogenous zones, the G-spot is hard to find. But with persistence, you might be able to find it. And the best way to locate it is when the woman is aroused. So before you search for it, you need to do some foreplay to stimulate and arouse her.  And once she’s opened, you will then have the opportunity to look for it.

All you have to do is face her while she’s lying on her back, and insert your longest finger into her vagina as far as it will go. Then move around your finger inside her vagina until you feel something rougher than the rest of her vagina muscles. This is believed to be the G-spot. So once you found it, keep on massaging it until she reaches orgasm.

3Woman on top

Some women don’t derive pleasure from the manual and deliberate stimulation of their G-spots. They want it to be natural, to be stimulated with the penis not with the finger. And the correct sexual position will help you touch base with the G-spot.

And the two recommended positions that can help you stimulate the G-spot are the “woman on top” and doggy style.

4. Use sex toys

If you can’t find it after many failed attempts, then it’s time to use some reinforcements. And sex toys like dildos will come in handy. They are specifically designed to stimulate femaleerogenous zonesWith proper use, dildos can get the job done.

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