Which Is The Most Erogenous Part of a Woman’s Body?

The most erogenous part of a woman’s body is one of those topics that has been discussed over and over again.

Every time this discussion takes place there are so many differing answers.

I want to through a completely different one into the mix…

I like to think “outside the box” when I can because I find it gives me different answers which usually lead me to the place I want to be.

There is one MAJOR “erogenous zone” that is part of a woman’s body, but is often not considered because you cannot see it, touch it or feel it.

I hope I have your attention because what I am about to tell you WILL change the way you satisfy the woman in your life…

Her most powerful erogenous zone you cannot rub, tickle, caress or pinch.

You can’t spank it, stroke or bite it.


In my opinion, the mind is the single most powerful erogenous zone on a woman’s body.

How incredible would it be if you could make her wet and wanting you without actually physically touching her?

You could be the other side of the world and still be able to stimulate her mind and make her horny.

So how can you stimulate this super powerful pleasure centre?

Something my husband and I do is to “sext”. It is literally one of our favourite things to do.

I love nothing more than getting him all worked up while he is at work.

Sexting is great because it builds up so much desire and anticipation. Some would even say that the anticipation itself is more thrilling than the actual act of sex itself!

If sexting isn’t your thing then just TALK.

Most won’t admit it to you, but they love to fantasise about sex just like you do.

Ask her about her sexual desires and fantasies and relay them back to her either in fictional stories, or just by telling her what you are going to do to her.

It shouldn’t be easy, you’re going to have to work for at it.

The more you practice it the better you will get.

Just remember to always be watching and listening for feedback from her, she will let you know what works for and what doesn’t.

Arousal is a slow and gradual thing for a woman. Don’t expect to say something like “I want to f**k you” and expect to dive on you. I’m sorry to say it just ain’t that easy.

Take your time and build her up slowly, one bit at a time and before long you’ll have a randy temptress just waiting to receive you.

Until next time.


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