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6 Overlooked Female Erogenous Zones

Watch Alex’s video here Both women and men are only aware of the most common female erogenous zones like the vagina, buttocks, breasts, navel and the lips. They don’t know that there are other women’s erogenous zones present on women’s bodies. They only know one type of the women’s erogenous zones, which is

The G-Spot: The Mother of All Erogenous Zones

The female G-spot is the Holy Grail of women’s sexual pleasure. This is the mother of all female erogenous zones. This is the most elusive and controversial of all women’s erogenous zones. Its existence and location is still under contention until today. But for women who believe in

Top 5 Erogenous Zones on a Woman

The erogenous zone is the area of our body that when touched or stimulated may result in sexual arousal. This area is hyper sensitive to the touch and feel. Compared to men, which erogenous zones only include the penis, testicles and anus, erogenous zones on women are plenty.