Whoever you are, male or female, you have what is known as “erogenous zones”. On this website we focus on the female body and help you guys to understand more about how you can stimulate your female partner and make both of your sex lives that much more exciting.

A study was carried out to determine which of the erogenous zones was most erotic. 800 people were asked to rate from 0-10 for each zone. Below is a list of the top 10 women’s erogenous zones and their average rating from the survey. You can click each erogenous zone to find out more about it and more information on how to stimulate it.

Top 10 Women's Erogenous Zones

Breasts Erogenous RatingGenitals Erogenous ZoneGenitals
It goes without saying that stimulation of the genital area gives the most pleasurable satisfaction. Read more about how make the most of this highly sensitive area here.
Lips Erogenous RatingLips Erogenous ZoneLips
Lips are a mutual erogenous zone shared by both men and women, they also both rate about the same. That's why passionate kissing is enjoyed by the masses. Read more
Neck Erogenous RatingNeck Erogenous ZoneNape of the neck
The neck is a Hollywood favourite. Any intimate scene between man and woman is normally instigated by some serious neck kissing.
Breasts Erogenous RatingBreasts Erogenous ZonesBreasts
Widely unknown among most men, but the actual breast in addition to the nipple is actually an erogenous zone. A sensual massage of this area is sure to arouse her.
Nipples Erogenous RatingNipples Erogenous ZonesNipples
Probably one of the best known erogenous zones; the nipples. There is a lot of nerve endings situated close to the surface of the nipple.
Thigh Erogenous RatingInside Thigh Erogenous ZoneInside thigh
The inside thigh is a great place to build some excitement in your female partner. The closer you get to her genitals, the better the feeling.
Buttocks Erogenous RatingButtocks Erogenous ZoneButtocks
As the largest muscle in the human body, the buttocks is also a very sensitive area for our female counterparts. With a gentle touch you can get her going in no time.
Hips Erogenous RatingHips Erogenous ZoneHips
Grasping a woman's hips and applying pressure in this area can help to get her feeling good. Great for using in certain sex positions.
Hands Erogenous RatingHands Erogenous ZoneHands & fingers
Her hands and fingers are very sensitive to a soft caress. Use your tongue to gently trace her fingers and suck them for maximum effect.
Feet Erogenous RatingFeet Erogenous ZoneFeet & toes
Similar to the hands and fingers, the feet and toes are very sensitive. Using your fingers or tongue you can tease a woman until she can wait no more.
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